On June 17th 2016, during the opening event of Liverpool Hope University office at the Catholic University of Lille, the two Rectors, Professor Gerald Pillay and Professor Pierre Giorgini, signed a new roadmap entitled ‘Roadmap for the Strategic Alliance between Liverpool Hope University and Les Facultés de l’Université Catholique de Lille, 2017-2020’. This signing ceremony has tightened the commitment of the two institutions to cooperate jointly on pedagogical and research levels.

At the heart of this commitment is the concept of the Pan-European Institute which will provide a unifying framework for :


Joint research projects (cross-disciplinary and bilateral)

Joint degrees

Joint modules and significant interaction


These elements are integrally embedded within seven academic projects involving a wide array of disciplines (English Language & Literature, Business, Law, Environmental Studies, Politics, International Relations, Economics, Education, Health, Psychology, Sociology, Theology and Philosophy).

Since 2010, several events have consolidated the common vision of the two institutions to exceed the borders, work together and pool their resources to promote a cultural, scientific and technical cooperation.

The 2nd of October 2019, a new roadmap was signed for 2020-2025 between Liverpool Hope University and Les Facultés de l'Université Catholique de Lille !

ROADMAP 2020-2025


Liverpool Hope University